We provide enriched educational environments from early childhood through postsecondary years to promote more sustainable livelihoods for future generations. Appropriate cross-thematic education is designed to promote critical skill building for the 21st Century. We work with stakeholders to remove barriers to education (discrimination, social traditions, and cultural beliefs) so that every girl and boy has the chance to go to school.

  • We focus our efforts on the most deprived and at-risk children, those affected by conflict and/or discrimination
  • We work with teachers, administrators, and governments to make school more inclusive and relevant to boys and girls
  • We work with school communities to help children develop foundational skills, to ensure that they are able to read and write and that schools are places where children are safe and happy
  • We improve professional development for both qualified and non-qualified (pre-professional and assistants) teachers
  • We provide school materials and textbooks, and pay for tuition and uniforms that are sometimes required for school attendance
  • We support youth in accessing formal and non-formal educational opportunities to succeed in their lives
  • We provide life skills, social and emotional learning, and vocational training to children and youth who cannot afford to continue with secondary education or have missed out on primary school
  • We implement ground-breaking initiatives in early childhood development and schooling for children, children affected by conflict and Indigenous children
  • We work to ensure that children in crisis situations do not have their learning interrupted
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