Mr Jean DAVID Teegwende OUEDRAOGO is the co-Founder and the current Chairman of Hope for Burkina Future.  Mr OUEDRAOGO was born in Burkina Faso where he has got a Master’s degree in Project Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He is very passionate about the cause of vulnerable children that is why he has created the NGO HOPE FOR BURKINA FUTURES INC with the help of Dr Cecilia MC Daniel from North Carolina.

 He has got more than ten years of experience in the field of management inherent to high registered training. This managerial expertise led to his appointment in 2000 as head of one of Burkina Faso’s largest education entities: Eben-Ezer. The purpose of this entity is to identify marginalized girls in the very remote placed of the capital’s outlying areas in order to impart specific and pragmatic knowledge to them with a view to integrating them into working life. Thus, many of them now have a bright future thanks to the second chance that Eben-Ezer has given them (about 3500 marginalized children have passed through Eben Ezer from 2000 to the present). Nowadays, Mr. OUEDRAOGO, looking at his ingenuity, has developed an inclusive policy that allows not only to train the unemployed woman but also young boys in precarious situations.

Jean David got married and have got two children: Joshua and Jedidja

Mrs Yasmine Winnie Ouedraogo/ Sawadogo

Mrs Yasmine Winnie Ouedraogo/ Sawadogo Treassurer

Mrs Yasmine Winnie Ouedraogo/ Sawadogo received congratulations from her leaders and peers as the best accountant since the existence of IAM ESSAKANE,a minong company. She decided  to devote herself to the cause of vulnerable children in the NGO HOPE and Eben Ezer College.  She holds a master’s degree in finance and accounting and is the Director of Financial and Accounting Affairs of this NGO. Transparency, professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency are the key words that constitute its leitmotiv of her daily objectives. These assets make her the cardinal person in the management of the finances and resources of Hope for Burkina Futures INC

Mrs Christine Marie Lucienne  Sawadogo

Mrs Christine Marie Lucienne  Sawadogo, Secretary

Mrs Christine Marie Lucienne the Sawadogo has a passion for the cause of vulnerable people, she has a heart filled with love for the cause of the widows and the orphans. She holds a master’s degree in economics with a major in business management. She worked as Director of Financial Operations in Burkina Faso’s largest food and item Supply Company for about ten years. Thanks to her love for the needed children, she and her husband Abdoulaye Ouédraogo founded one of the largest schools in Burkina Faso to help students that cannot afford school fees to also get a formal education. Besides, she has more than 35 years of professional experience. She has been working within the NGO HOPE for the cause of vulnerable children


Philibert OUEDRAOGO, is presently the training Officer of our entity.

He is a holder of a diploma in the Continental Leadership and International Missiology. Moreover, he teaches ENGLISH at the Université Libre du Burkina of the International Cooperation and Action Program; Head of International Cooperation at GAMA-BF for several years; Funding Officer Project of the ANTBA-Wycliffe Local Branch; Mr OUEDRAOGO is a member of the NGO Hope and is currently in charge of training. He is the designer of the training modules for the academic and academic components of the NGO HOPE FOR BURKINA FUTURES INC

Mr. Dieudonné KAFANDO

Mr. Dieudonné KAFANDO is in fact the Director in charge of HOPE project Managements.

Mr. KAFANDO has been working as a consultant in the implementation of humanitarian and community development programs with both local and international associations for more than twenty years. Among other areas of expertise, Mr. KAFANDO has distinguished himself at the international realm component such as the reception, settlement and integration of refugees from certain countries bordering Burkina Faso; the management of food stocks and the implementation of food security programs with the international NGO CREDO; the is a brain as to writing and monitoring humanitarian and community projects. He is also specializing himself in the follow-up / monitoring of projects. He is in charge of the projects implementation and management of the NGO HOPE FOR BURKINA FUTURES INC

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